COVID-19 Update 15th June 2020

Dear Customers

I am please to confirm that Acland’s has now reopened, with distanceing measures in place. We will initially  only be opening Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30. 

You can contact us via telephone on 01278 422544, via our website, by email to, and via our Facebook page. So whilst there is no need to visit our store, if you wish to, we are open with hand sanitiser available, and with constant cleaning continuing,to keep both you and our staff safe. We will be asking customers to remain 2 metres away from our staff whilst we are helping you. 

We are changing our delivery and installation procedures to make sure we can deliver in a safe and sensible way. Acland’s is a family company and we want to make sure all our staff and customers are kept safe. We will be limiting possible exposure to this virus as much as possible and in so doing will be asking all customers two questions before we will deliver within your home. 

1.       Have you had to seek medical advice resulting in being advised to self-isolate or have you decided to self-isolate as a result of potential coronavirus contact? 

2.       Have you returned from a visit abroad known to be considered at risk of the coronavirus within the last 14 days? 

Should the answer to either of the above be a yes we will still deliver but only to your door step. We will ring the doorbell or knock and stand 2 metres from your door and wait for you to accept this delivery. We will take a photo proof of delivery to confirm we have delivered the item instead of our usual signature. 

For any one else we will endeavour to deliver into your home as long as you move a safe distance from our staff and stay a minimum of 2 metres from the delivery or installation team at all times. Our staff will refuse to deliver should you not adhere to these rules. Wherever possible we would ask that you stay in another room whilst we install your new products but at a minimum the 2 metre distance would be expected. 

When we have finished the delivery we will use sanitiser wipes to clean any areas we have been in contact with. All our staff will have access to hand sanitisers as well to hopefully ensure their safety as much as possible. 

We appreciate these may seem like drastic measures but we all need to be mindful that this is not a short term event and we are going to have to live with this for some time.   

We are here to help but please remember that we are a local company who have local staff who are also being affected by this current situation and we need our business to carry on as much as possible to help pay them and to support their families through this. I would also like to request that all our customers apply some constraint and patience with my staff whilst they try to deal with the logistics of getting items delivered to you, my staff are all very well trained and are here to try and help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We do not want this to spell the end for any business in our local community and as such would like us all to come together to help each other through the next few months.

Yours sincerely

Martyn Acland

Acland’s Radio & TV Ltd

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