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Service Repairs/Charges (applicable from 01/03/2023)


Chargeable Service Calls:                   Ex VAT          VAT                Total


Field Calls


Standard Rate                                                  £50.00             £10.00             £60.00


Built-in Rate                                                      £60.00             £12.00             £72.00


Follow on Rate Per 30 mins                             £25.00               £5.00             £30.00      


Field calls are charged at the standard rate advertised above, with the additional labour charge levied where necessary for jobs that require it. Our engineer will be sure to advise you of any additional labour charges in their quotation to you, prior to commencing with any repairs required.

Workshop repairs (and quotations) are carried out in the same way, no work or repairs will be carried out byAclands without prior authorisation. Although we do often ask if there is a repair cost that can be “pre-agreed”, allowing us to proceed with minor repairs up to a certain value without further authorisation. With this process, any estimates above the pre-agreed amount, would still be provided to a customer before commencement of any repairs. This can minimise any disruption if, for example, our engineer cannot contact you with the estimate on the day then the repair can be carried out at the time of inspection/estimate.



Where Aclands are called out to provide estimates/quotations for repair, we reserve the right to levy a charge to cover our costs, if the estimate/quotation is not accepted by the customer.

Callouts to trade addresses will not be instigated, until an official purchase order is received by Aclands.

We are more than happy to accept service requests from landlords for tenanted properties. Again, we would require pre-approval from the landlord/Letting Agent until any service work is arranged – work carried out without prior landlord consent would of course require pre-payment by the tenant.

To book a call, please complete our Appliance Repair Form or call us on 01278 422544

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